Monday, April 1, 2013

CP Carolina nka Millie after 1st Year of Freedom!

Contributed by Foster Mom and her Forever Mom

CP Carolina nka Millie happy to be Forever Free!
On March 12, 2012, Col. Potter Foster Mom and Dad, Kathy and Barney, drove many miles and watchful hours, bringing a very pregnant member of the CP "Tar Heels" group to the safety of their home.  She nested in her crate to such an extent that they checked Carolina every fifteen minutes or so to make sure she didn’t have any new companions in her crate, and when they got her home, they followed her with a flashlight to make sure she didn’t drop a puppy in the course of doing her business!

She waited, however, settling happily into her Foster Home, playing with as many toys as she could gather, and then on March 15, 2012, she gave birth to six little Ides of March Puppies, lucky to be born into the loving care of Col. Potter instead of a lonely wire crate in a breeding facility.

CP Carolina nka Millie, with 6 Ides of March Puppies, CP Appalachia nka Piper, CP Banks, CP Beaufort nka Bodie, CP Bodie nka Callie, CP Hatteras nka Selkie, CP Mayberry nka Maizy
When her work was done, sweet Carolina retired for good, late in May, having her well deserved spay and dental.  “She weighed 23lbs. when she came in - full of puppies and her buffet bar overflowing. Today when I dropped her off, she weighed a svelte 16.6 lbs.!” said Foster Mom.   “I was shocked she weighed so little as her poor buffet is empty but still a tripping hazard when she runs.  I think she's had a litter every time she's been in season because they're really stretched out.” 

Soon Carolina was working to get back in shape and getting ready for her Forever Home.  “She's just a five year old puppy - everything goes in her mouth!” laughed Foster Mom.  “She's always happy, tail going, and loves to fetch balls and Frisbees with Foster Dad!”

Millie is right at home with brother Tobey!
“Carolina, now ‘Millie’, has been wonderful!” says her Forever Mom.  “She is the best little dog we've ever had - Truly!  We love her sooooo much, and I believe she loves us equally.”

“She had a seizure in October of last year, but not a bad one.  We took her to the vet the next day and he thought we should just keep an eye on her and record everything that happened prior to.  He feels one seizure isn't enough to put her on meds, so we're keeping a close eye on her and, so far, she hasn't had another one.  Keep your fingers crossed!”

“We're going to be fencing in our back yard this Spring, so I can't wait for Millie and Tobey (our 3/4 bulldog/1/4 beagle puppy) to be able to just run around free and play all they want - plus be able to have some of their fur friends come over to play.  We can't wait to go to camp and see how Millie likes the water.”  

Millie is still a real love bug, always happy to cuddle up!
“I just can't say enough wonderful things about Millie.  If I did, this would go on forever!  I love her so much!  I've actually thought about adopting another, however, they would have to be as wonderful as Millie, and I'm not sure that is possible!”

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