Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wally fka CP McKissick Celebrates his 1st Year!

Contributed by his Foster Mom and Forever Mom

CP Ides of March McKissick nka Wally
McKissick, one of CP Salisbury’s eight Ides of March Puppies, early on showed Foster Mom and Dad that he had an easy going, laid back personality, a trait that has endured in his Forever Home!

Wally fka CP McKissick loved big sister Mika right from the start!
 “Wally is the sweetest dog I've ever met!” gushes his Forever Mom.  “He loves kisses and to be cuddled, and is a very happy little boy!   He just wants to be loved and loves everyone!  When he went for his first groom, Wally wanted to be naughty at first, and whined a bit, but then he shifted gears and kissed the groomer, and during the rest of the grooming he wouldn't stop!  She said he was the sweetest boy ever!” 

Wally is simply the sweetest little boy!
Wally has lots of toys, but his favorite is a sock!
Wally, in the middle, loves Mika and all their friends!
“Wally is crazy about his big sister Mika, even though she is a bossy girl, and he is great with all the other dogs we know.  Wally has done an amazing job helping our Fosters feel welcome and safe!   He has lots of toys, of course, but his favorite toy is socks!   We adore him completely!”

Happy Birthday!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike

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