Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All is Just Dandy in Forever!

Contributed by Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy

Dandy fka CP Jim Dandy flashing his Big Brown Eyes for Foster Mom!

Hi, there!  I asked New Mom to send some photos of me and my new digs!  I like my new crate – it was already here and it's easier for Mom to open.  I enjoy rolling around on the floor, wiggling all over, scratching my own back - Not that I don't get lots of scratchin's from Mom & Dad!    I’ve been investigating all over the place, and it's all good.  The Bistro pet waterer burbled at me, but I just backed up, looked at it, and decided 'never mind' and finished getting my drink!

Dandy likes his new crate Just Dandy!

Malcolm, the dog that was here, is big (20 lbs) but he's a Cairn, so I’m good with that.  We play a little, and nap together.  There are cats here too, but I don't have much use for them, so we just pass like ships in the night.

Dandy likes a good back scratch    hint!…hint!
I know Foster Mom must miss my beautiful brown eyes, so I asked Mom to please be sure and send Foster Mom a dreamy cheesecake shot of my gorgeous face.  I hope she likes it!  And I asked her to say “Thank You Very Much!” to Foster Mom for all the love and affection, and for passing on all my likes - like what kind of food I likes, the down and dirty on belly bands, "Eas-eeeeee", and everything else!   Foster Mom didn't miss anything, but I miss her, and, while I know I’m not in Kansas anymore, I do check around this new house - just to make sure Foster Mom 's not hiding anywhere…

Dandy investigates, just to be sure…
Oh, and I asked New Mom to say “Thank You!” to that Mary lady who hooked me up with a good house and a good new Mom & Dad, who love me very much, see to my every need, and understand that I’m a special dog who's had a bit of a tough row to hoe, and they consider that all the time - while they spoil me rotten!  

Dandy deciding which toy he’ll play with next!
Mom says she loves to take my picture, but doesn't know how to post them, so if you want to put up my new pictures for all my Dandy fans, that's okay by her.

This is a great forever home!  It's quiet, I have a playmate named Malcolm who shares toys with me.  I get my breakfast & dinner on time (very important, that is!!).  The cats don't pester me, and it's so easy to be good I hardly never ever get scolded.  I got told "NO" when I tried to mark a table leg (darned belly band foiled my attempt!) but that's the only time I've been fussed at.   New Mom sits on a heating pad, and lets me sit in her lap and relax.   I really think I'm in the right place.  

Dandy just checking out the cat bed...
*YAWWWWWWN*  O.K.!…  Now I'm going to go take a nap in the living room with Malcolm while new Mom gets her computer business done in her chair.  New Dad will wake me up when he gets home, and I'll take him outside to the dog yard.

Dandy loves to roll – especially for a good belly scratch!
I hope New Mom remembers to tell Foster Dad and my old Foster mates “Hello!” from me, here in South Carolina!  And that she tells Foster Mom there are FLOWERS blooming here - no snow at all!  This is great!

Thanks again!!!
Livin' the high life!
Dandy fka Jim Dandy

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