Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pippa fka CP Tangerine Explores her Forever Home!

Contributed by her New Mom & Dad

Pippa fka CP Tangerine, now calls Florida her home!
Greetings family and friends!  Here's our newest family member, nearly four year old, a sweet Cairn Terrier, Pippa.  

Pippa likes her new lawn in Florida!
We brought her home from South Carolina yesterday where she was being fostered.  Pippa was rescued from a puppy mill by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, with whom we've been working for a couple months.  She is very skittish - having just weaned a litter, been spayed, and now traveled to be with these strange new parents/alpha beings.   We know it is going to take some time and patience on our part, but we can see some signs of progress already. 

Pippa keeps busy investigating her new home!
Pippa is very sweet and learning to trust her new Mom and Dad.
We hope our many friends and family members will meet her, but not too soon since she is on overload right now with new smells, surroundings, experiences, and people.  We will need a little time to build her trust.

She is sweet!!!  And we are just plain thrilled!  

Many thanks to our wonderful Col. Potter Matchmaker, Susan W.!

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  1. Wonderful!! Love to hear about happy endings!