Saturday, March 16, 2013

KoKo fka CP Harriet Celebrates her 1st Year!

Contributed by her Foster Mom and her Forever Mom

CP Ides of March Harriet nka KoKo

Harriet, another one of CP Salisbury’s little girls among her eight Col. Potter Ides of March Puppies, very early on let Foster Mom and Dad know that she was Alpha and liked things on her terms, and true to form, she has been busy keeping everyone in line in her Forever Home!
KoKo fka CP Harriet arrives at her Forever Home!
“KoKo is doing great!” says Mom.  “She is a big girl at 18.5 lbs., but not fat.  She is a true brindle, a little bit of every color!  KoKo still has the same personality - demanding attention if you don't give it!”

KoKo really enjoys Christmas!
“KoKo shares her love with Dad and I, but wants attention from anyone who will give it.  She loves people and doesn't really realize she is a dog!  She is such a joy for us and makes us smile and laugh every day.  Thank you and Col. Potter for bringing her into this world and taking care of her until we came along!”

KoKo a real beauty at 1 year!
Happy Birthday!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike


  1. KoKo IS such a beautiful and oh, so FEMININE... more than I've seen on many a Cairn... she is decidedly 'she who must be obeyed'...

  2. KoKo is such a Ham, we love having her. We had lost our Cairn Terrier to cancer a few months before I found CPN.

    Thank you CPN for all you do, you are bringing many smiles to many new "Moms and Dads"

    KoKo's Mom