Thursday, March 14, 2013

CP Bodie nka Callie Celebrates her 1st Year!

Contributed by her Loving Forever Mom

Callie fka CP Bodie sitting pretty in her Forever Home
CP Bodie nka Callie was the third puppy born to CP Carolina a year ago, Friday, the third of fourteen Ides of March Puppies to shake up our Col. Potter world on March 15, 2012.

Ides of March puppy CP Bodie at 8 weeks
Callie loves this new stuff called “Snow”!
Callie (fka CP Bodie) is thriving!  Callie has great joie de vivre and shares it with all she encounters.  She is very smart - too smart!  As a little one, she brought in a rock and, worried she might swallow it, I gave her a treat to drop it.  Now I receive a steady stream of rocks each day, with Callie collecting a kibble for each one!  I have saved them all, and there are pounds of them in a big bag!  Who trained who???

Callie looks like her Dad…

…but has Mom Carolina’s eyes
Callie is very happy and adventurous and confident, but she is sensitive as well.  There is not a mean bone in her body.  If her mischief gets to be a bit much and either big brother Brodie (fka CP Brome) or I grow impatient with her, she flips over on her back, tail going a mile a minute, reminding us that most of all she wants to please.  

Callie loves big brother, Brodie (fka CP Brome), and her tail tells it all!
Adventurous and confident, Callie is always ready for action!
Callie knows how to relax in unconventional ways!

Callie is a well-loved dog-daughter and dog-sister here.  She brings fun and excitement to every day.   I am very thankful that Callie is part of the family!

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  1. This brought a big smile to my face! Callie is a fortunate girl to have been born in freedom and know nothing but love. The story of the rocks is precious. Thanks Col. Potter for giving these mill mamas and their "ides of March" puppies a wonderful future.