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CP Jiminy nka Luther Loves Forever!

Contributed by his Loving Forever Mom

CP Jiminy nka Luther
NOTE:  A year ago, Col. Potter celebrated the miraculous birth of fourteen puppies into Freedom, all raised with tender love and care by their Foster Moms and Dads, and all of whom have just finished celebrating their 1st Birthdays in loving homes with dedicated parents.  Contrast these heartwarming stories with that of CP Jiminy, a little ten month old baby who faced certain death because the human entrusted with his care had frightened him out of a sleep and got a tiny scratch when he turned his little head quickly and caught her finger with his tooth.  Human error, 100%, first by being so careless, and then by dumping this little boy at a shelter, knowing full well it was a one way ticket to death row.  Thankfully, Col. Potter was there to save little Jiminy, and two years ago this past week, he found his Forever Mom and True Love!  This is why we Rescue…

Luther has found his Forever Love!
Luther and I celebrated our 2nd year together this week, March 13-14th gotcha day.  We're doing great!  He loves PA and also loves NYC.  I've been teaching out of my studio in NYC and he's been a very good boy with all the students.  Sometimes he socializes, and sometimes he goes in the bedroom and sleeps.

He got stripped since the most recent photo, but his coat is always beautiful, and no more squinty eyes!  His eyes are wide open now!!

Luther relaxing in the city studio.
Luther came to me after I lost my beloved Cormac, also a Cairn Terrier.  It was a testament to a great relationship that I decided upon another Cairn Terrier.  A few months later, thanks to the wonderful Col. Potter Team, I had Luther in my arms.

He was as scared and as excited as I was! His little head shook with nervousness, causing the fine hairs on the top of his head to tremble.  This still happens when he’s particularly excited.  At first I phoned his Foster Mom, Pam, daily to learn this or that new way to feed, cuddle, or handle him.  I also phoned her just to say “Hi!” and to keep at least one consistent person in Luther’s life.

Luther loves to play ball!
Two years later, Luther (or Lu, or Lulu) and I are a team.  We spend our nights sharing a bed.  Luther enjoys setting his toys at the very edge of the bed so that they drop off.  Then he tosses them and chases them as though they’re alive.  He’s inventive and very smart!  He’s created his own language, which includes over forty sounds.  He likes our city apartment, but prefers our country home.  He loves to run after a ball in the grass and hang onto it with his teeth while I swing him around.  If he hasn’t had quite enough exercise outside, he tears around the house, banking the bed, sofa, and big chair in circle after circle.  He loves to be chased and is thrilled when he avoids my touch as he passes closely.  He loves to chase and “warble” at the flying squirrels that live in the eaves of the house.  He runs from corner to corner of the low roofline in the loft, barking, gargling, and whining at them.

Luther loves his country retreat!
Nothing pleases him more than to please me. And, nothing pleases me more than to see him happy.

He’s a great traveling companion.  We’ve spent the last two August months in the Alps of Switzerland.  Since there’s no dog supply store in the small town where I study, we go to the butcher every third day to get his supply of plump, free range chicken that I cook up in the apartment for him.  His travel meals are chicken, rice, and green veggies.  Hotels between destinations have been accommodating of his diet and kindly prepare it for him.  In the Alps he has a balcony to hang out on while I’m in classes.  He barks at lawn mowers, dogs, gardeners, and kids riding plastic three wheelers.  

Luther befriends a cow!
This past August, we went together in the cable car to the very top of the snow-covered mountains.  He loved looking out the window as the cable car climbed the mountain.  And, if he could have, he would have chased the many marmots that live on the alpine mountainsides.  Last year, he saw longhaired cows grazing in the fields.  He wanted to meet them, but didn’t quite know how.  I watched him consider it for a few moments, then drop his head and graze in imitation of them.  It worked!  Two cows came over and immediately liked him!  One gave him three big cowlicks across his face.  I’m not sure he liked the cowlicks, but he liked the cows.  He also likes the ponies, the domestic rabbits, the other students, and the many dogs also traveling in the Alps with their human companions.

Luther studies the traffic in NYC
He’s learned to handle the big city, walk the crowded streets like a pro, weaving in and around the legs, carriages, push carts, high heels, and steel toed boots. He socializes with the huge variety of dogs in the park and does better when they’re off the leash then when they’re on. He loves Cairns most of all.  If he can, he’ll instigate a game of rolling and nipping and chasing around and around.  He’s a happy adolescent, heading into his teenage years!

Luther is comfortable in the big city.
He goes with me everywhere, rides in the basket of store push carts, and it’s often said he’s “very well behaved!”  Even my ninety-eight year old (ex) mother in law, who was never fond of dogs, looks forward to our weekly visits.  Luther intuits that he needs to be calm around Rosie.  He is a Cairn rascal, but he’s also very dear and wonderfully adaptable.

Luther relaxing in the country moonlight.
He’s truly a good Cairn boy!  He's very athletic and very handsome, just a little devilish, but not much.  He's really very sweet, loves attention, can play by himself, and loves his food - no kidding!  He's independent but also warm and social.  He still sleeps with me and I'm hoping he'll always want to sleep with me - I love having him so close!

Luther has only Sweet Dreams now!
He's my little man and I'm so grateful that he wants to stay with me, and grateful to Pam, and Amy, and Col. Potter for giving me such a sweet boy!

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