Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dodd & Cosell, the Ides of March Dynamic Duo!

Contributed by their Foster Mom and their Forever Mom

CP Ides of March Dodd nka Cody
CP Ides of March Cosell nka Coswell
Dodd and Cosell, two of CP Salisbury’s eight little Col. Potter Ides of March Puppies, stayed a little longer with their Foster Mom and Dad, mastering the art of being true partners in crime, and when a great Forever Home came calling, they looked into their eyes and politely informed them that they wanted to stay together – so they did!

Dodd & Cosell, the last of the Ides of March puppies to be adopted – together!
”Both dogs are doing great!” says Forever Mom.  “They have filled out physically and their personalities are in full Cairn mode.  Cody fka CP Dodd, is still much the same dog - he's a bit of a free spirit!  He's strong, intelligent, and loves unconditionally, but absolutely a bit of a goof!  He wants to be close to someone at all times (unless he's outside) and he is ready to play at the snap of the fingers.  With his long legs, there isn't much he can't get into, and when he wants attention - which is most of the time - he won't be ignored!  Some mornings I'll wake up with him standing on my chest with his nose an inch from mine, just willing me to wake up!  And, to be fair, it's six in the morning and he's already late to patrol the backyard, eat breakfast, and get his belly rubbed!”

Cody fka CP Dodd and Coswell fka Cosell relaxing in bed!
 ”Coswell fka CP Cosell has changed the most.  He's always been affectionate and playful, but always a little guarded.  Now he is out of his shell!  He has also filled the power vacuum left by the aloof Cody and has become the dominant dog of the two.  (However, I suspect that Cody goes along with this arrangement only to avoid the rigors of leadership, and when he's really had enough he asserts himself.)  Now, Coswell initiates play with us and wants attention on his own.  Before he would wait and watch to see what happens to Cody before committing to anything.  We used to buy the exact same toys for each of them then we realized that Coswell would take his new toy and hide it, then both would "fight" over the remaining toy.  Cody would get tired of sharing and then sniff out the hidden toy, Coswell would intercept him and then guard it, and before long no one is playing with anything, and they both end up sitting, facing each other with the toy between them!”

Coswell fka Cosell can still move you with his look!
”Both dogs still love to play with each other and with our kids.  They absolutely love to go for walks - go figure!  Most walks start off with about a five minute sprint before settling in to some semblance of a relaxing stroll.  They are still a bit wild during walks, but have gotten much better. They'll let me miss a day, but if I miss two days in a row, then they start applying pressure, giving us looks, and before long lawyers are involved and it becomes a big mess, so it's just easier to take them most days!  They love the backyard and the weather is rarely a deterrent.  Coswell has to catch every snowflake and both dogs prefer to hop through the deepest snow rather than the use the trails I shovel through the yard!  They'll play all day in the rain, but they'll run in terror if I turn the shower on and then look directly at them.  Their chewing is still a problem.  We have it under control inside, as long as we keep an eye on them, but outside is a problem.  They are wonderful with other dogs, but sometimes act menacing with them when they are on a leash.  They like car rides but we haven't been on a long trip yet.”

Cody & Coswell anxious to Walk!
Cody & Coswell really enjoy the Snow!
”We often wonder what we got ourselves into with these two, but we can't imagine not having them - or only having taken one.  We are very thankful to all those that had a hand in saving Salisbury and her pups.”

Cody & Coswell examine their Birthday Pupcakes!
 Happy Birthday!
Foster Mom and Dad
Lori and Mike

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