Thursday, February 28, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon Duo!

Contributed by their Proud Foster Mom 

Remember last August 31st when Col. Potter welcomed five precious Cairns to freedom and safety as the “Once in a Blue Moon” group, including three very special 9 week old female puppies with CMO?   Well, after much love and nurturing from Foster Mom and Dad, all three little girls were adopted into wonderful homes, two of them, Grimaldi and Amoris, moving together to live with New Mom Darlene of TheraPets of Indiana.

And now, may we present Gabby and Ally at work, learning to become Therapy Dogs!

CP Grimaldi nka Gabby and CP Amoris nka Ally working their charms!
“Darlene sent me the cutest picture of these sisters at work, learning to be good therapy dogs at the hospital.  I giggled until I cried - it's such an uplifting picture, not to mention just the cutest pose from both girls!” says Foster Mom, Kathy.  

“What a great present for a Foster Mom - I'm going to frame it!  If these little faces can't cheer a patient up, then I can't imagine there's any hope for that person to recover.  I am so thrilled that not only do they have a great mom, but they have a great set of aunties/uncles that help with their care, and then they have the extended love from all the patients they visit in their daily routine.”

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