Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tess' Wonderful Life

Tess fka Aphrodite (famous lovers group) is one special little girl.  Barely out of puppyhood herself, she came to Col. Potter with a litter of her own on board. She safely delivered 6 babies - 3 girls and 3 boys - who were named after Dr. Seuss characters.

After nursing, raising and weaning the puppies found their own furever homes. Then it was time for the Mama’s wonderful life to begin. First Tess flew in cabin from Missouri to Pennsylvania where she joined Brian and Amy’s large clan at Calliope -Wookie (aka “Fabio” and Cairn wannabe), Wookie, Lucy, Missy, Rocky and Gabby - these 2 youngest are Tess’ bestest playmates  Click photo for an updated album of the clan.

Amy also sent a few recent back yard videos:
Tess video 1
Tess video 2
Tess video 3

Tess surely landed in some well-deserved high cotton and now gets all the loving and playing for a very happy furever after!

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