Saturday, May 14, 2011

Biggie Triumphs and Now Has His Own Furever Dad!

Foster Mom says:
Biggie was adopted today and went to his forever home.  If no one thinks this is nothing short of a miracle, please know it is a miracle, and the people that work for our rescue are the miracle workers that made it happen.
Biggie was diagnosed as having a head trauma at a very young age.  He is farsighted, food aggressive, and takes Prozac to help him with stressful situations.  Life in general stresses this 2 year old little guy.  Change is unnerving to him.  He has seen many doctors, Dr. Blackman the neurologist, said that we should treat him as though he had OCD, to the extreme. 
Biggie has lived with us since November and grew mentally and physically.  He learned commands, learned to play, learned to trust, and life was not all that bad. 
But who would want a puppymill rescue that was not completely house trained, food aggressive. had a head twitch, and was scared of people?  Could there be a home that wanted a dog with this much baggage at 2 years old?  Impossible you say --, but it happened!!  Biggie found his forever home because this group does perform miracles.
Wes, Big's new Dad, emailed me about an hour ago.  He is a man of a few words but said, "We are home and everything is okay.  He loves it here."  And there lies the miracle.  Yes, this hard working group of matchmakers performed a miracle, a miracle of love. This could not be made possible without the love of so many for those little ones that have been discarded.

Port St. Lucie, FL


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