Monday, May 16, 2011

Cotello's New Family

Foster Mom Pam wrote: Well, my sweet Cozi didn't hardly give me a backward glance, he was too excited to jump in the car with his 3 kids and new parents. I guess anybody who would drive 6 hours one way with their kids in tow might be worthy of my little guy.

This is Brett and his family live in SC near CP Member Bonnie. He is an ED nurse at Bonnie's hospital where they met in October at a disaster drill event and when he heard Bonnie had cairns he couldn't wait to hear more! 

Bonnie says: The family had been a little while without a dog and had decided on a cairn for the breed. We talked quite a bit whenever I made my rounds and he was working in the ED and often visited the CP site. I did their HSV. He is a great guy and his wife and kids couldn't be nicer or more loving. They even wanted this little guy when they thought he might be blind in one eye. It's a wonderful lesson for his kids on rescue and a great addition to their family. We plan to have some doggy play dates.

From the photo, it looks like Cozi might already be planning some fun with his oldest sibling of the two-feet variety!

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