Saturday, May 14, 2011

Patti-Cake Girl Heals a Broken Heart

Following the recent and tragic loss of CP Boy Indi, Celeste opened her broken heart to CP Girl Poppy.  On her adoption day, now Patti knew right away that Celeste was her furever Mom and said: "Well finally! What took you so long, Mom!"
Foster Mom was amazed that Patti was more comfortable with Celeste than she'd been the whole 8 months in foster care!

Even better, Celeste says: I can't tell you all how much I love this little girl and how grateful I am that CP rescued her from that horrible puppymill. She is healing me after Indy's death, and even after the death of my dad.  She cracks me up because of the way she walks.  I have a crate for her, but she now sleeps with me in bed and cuddles next to me. She even gets along with the cats!

I love her so much and I think she knows it!

Southern IL

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