Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cari "Digs" Her Fur-ever Home!

A personal message from Lynn:
This is my first attempt at video. Forgive me if it's weird; I'll get better. For those of you who have followed Carthage's journey, here's the little princess she has turned into. 

When I first got Cari, the only time she showed any interest in being alive was when I let her in the backyard and she began to dig. Such joy! Flinging and digging and tugging out roots with all her heartworm-sapped strength. Aw, how could I say no? Besides, she was only supposed to live for 3 months. How much damage could a dog do in 3 months?, I asked myself. 

Well, 14 months - and flunking - later, I have bought a truck load of dirt and a stack of patio blocks to line the fence and will begin to undo the damage very soon.

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