Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look Who's 1 - and A Happy Mother's Day Wish

Today was my birthday!  I got some new bones and we had company.  My
cousin, Reilly came over and he's really big.  He is a Labrador
retriever.  We played in the backyard.

A year ago today I was born in a puppy mill and spent my first 4 months
there.  Then I was rescued by Col. Potter and placed in your wonderful
foster home.  My name at that time was "American."
Soon I was placed on an airplane and flown to my forever home in New
York.  I have been very happy here, in fact just when I thought life
couldn't get any better, my mom and dad adopted my sister, Gem.  Col.
Potter sure did name me appropriately (American) as I am now living the
American dream!

Happy mother's day to all the wonderful foster mom's at Col. Potter!

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