Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marisela Spreads Her Sunshine from Foster to Furever Home

We met Mari's new Mom in Milan, OH which is the birthplace of Thomas Edison. Mari liked the town square park because it was very convenient for her to relieve her stress there as soon as we arrived. All the humans liked the lovely architecture.

Mari's new Mom arrived with a friend to keep her company. We liked both ladies. Mari was noncomittal until I pulled out the baggie of tiny pieces of cheese and handed it over to new Mom. :) YES, this new lady was most acceptable now. LOL 

Becky, Mari's new Mom, apparently has a number of friends who are pretty much housebound and they all were excited for her to bring her new dog to visit. Becky said not so fast....Mari has to have time to settle in. Great thinking!!!

Becky called and told us all about Mari's exploration of her new home and yard. Things are going well. I'll keep praying hard that things continue that way. It was really hard to feed only three kids at seems too quiet!!!

We miss our sunshine girl who made us smile and chuckle all the time. One of the reasons we chuckle is very evident in the first photo showing her in a donut bed that is obviously not properly flat on the floor. But she is in it!

Bonnie in OH with Cairns Gilly & Janna
and foster Corcoran aka Corky

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