Thursday, May 5, 2011

Riley fka Tramp Joins a Big Furever Family!

Hi everyone,
        We just wanted to write and thank everyone involved with Colonel Potter for helping us add an absolute doll baby to our family. Riley (CP's Tramp f.k.a Gypsy) is an absolute pleasure. We picked her up in North Carolina two weeks ago.

Special thanks to her foster mom, Barbara and to our matchmaker, Lisa. From the time we sent our application, everything was handled promptly and professionally from the Reference checks (Karen) to the HSV (Carlene and Nicole) to the contract process (Bev) and finally to our Post-Adoption Counselor, Neola. 

We wanted to pick her up during my daughter's spring break and everyone worked very hard to make that happen. We would like to thank everyone involved in saving Riley from her former life, taking such good care of her and getting her to us. She is an real sweetheart.

We got home two Mondays ago in the afternoon after a 6 hour car ride. Our almost 11 year old alpha Cairn, Mollie wasn't really happy to see her new sister. We knew she would come around because she had accepted my daughter's dog Sophie.

We followed your instructions, gating Riley in the kitchen and continuing to treat Mollie as top dog. We took turns spending time with each dog. On Friday, we felt that they were ready to meet. Riley was certainly ready to explore the rest of the house. As suggested by both Barbara and Neola, I took them for a walk together. When we came back in the house, I played ball with Mollie while Riley sat behind me and watched. Then they went for another long walk and they have been fine ever since.

It was so nice to finally be one big family. Riley started to play with her toys in private at first.  Tonight, she was actually running around the house after my younger daughter who was holding her favorite toy and tossing it. What a pleasure to see her getting so used to us. We start basic obedience next week. Riley has already picked up on some of the commands we use for Mollie. I think she will do very well (OK, as well as a Cairn can do!).

Our older daughter was home this weekend with her dog, Sophie. Riley and Sophie has fun yesterday running and chasing each other in the back yard. The three dogs also loved going for several long walks together. Riley is my shadow and she enjoys laying on my lap in the evening watching TV, something I also really enjoy. I do have to share her sometimes so Gary has his turn.

Riley has been such a wonderful addition to our family. It was love at first sight.  I just want everyone involved to know how much we appreciate what you do.

Thank you again!
Leslie, Gary and Taylor
with Cairn fursibs Mollie and Riley
and furcuzin Sophie

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