Sunday, May 22, 2011

Juliet NKA Gypsy Update

An update on Gypsy as sent to her foster mom, Deb in New Mexixo:

Hi, Deb,
Well, we've had her for one week and the progress is amazing.  She still tests the furniture rule all the time, part of that is her wanting to look out the windows.  We are opening the door and she can see out the storm door, that helps. We decided not to use the doggie door (Yuma doesn't fit) and she is doing very well sitting at the door when she wants out. 

We have learned that she is very timid and shy with new people.  She barks and puts her tail between her legs.  Your scent rag worked wonderful for us, we never saw that reaction.  We have been ignoring it (this is with friends who are dog people!!) and she seems to settle.  She has taken treats from one neighbor and from a dog trainer.  

We took her in for an evaluation with a trainer and have begun to use a clicker.  She has one more private session and then will begin group classes some time after the holiday.  She also has an appointment with my homeopathic vet on Tues.

She is tolerating the dogs on the other side of the fence much better, but the rabbits still make her a crazy person. Chasing a large ball was a great suggestion, it distracts her from even the rabbits!!!!!!  She and Yuma have started to play, yesterday their best day.

She is wonderful and we love her.  More later, Joyce

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