Saturday, May 21, 2011

Peek-a-Boo Sarut Thanks You!

I’ve heard there are a lot of people who are wondering how Sarut is doing today. Is she happy?
healthy? well-cared for? LOVED?  Did the little dog in that horrific rescue photo even make it or was she kindly put out of her misery?
    Well I know alot of people couldn’t bear to look at that first photo of Sarut and, I admit, she was in terrible shape, even deemed “unadoptable.”  To me she looked gorgeous and I wanted her from the start.  I could only see what I knew she could become with the love and care she deserved; I saw my best friend in disguise.  Because she was so beautiful to me, I was afraid hoards of people would want her and I wouldn’t have a chance at adopting her.  I carried her picture with me everywhere, asking friends and family to pray for her and also to pray for my husband and I to be chosen as her family.  We knew she had very poor vision and may even have to lose her eyes, but we wanted her so much!  She was missing 22 teeth, but we were willing to do whatever it took to help her eat well.  
We rushed to fill out adoption forms, prayed, waited, paced, and went through the processes; home inspection, phone interviews, references, even some begging.  What a day it was when we received approval!  A friend was hired to fly Sarut in coach from Texas to her new home in Ohio; no cargo trip for our princess!  Little Sarut trembled all the way home but, as soon as she got inside, she knew she was home.  She knew where the water bowl was and got herself a nice, long drink.  Then she met her three dog siblings and six cat siblings.  She immediately loved them all and the feeling was mutual.  
Ever since that first night home, Sarut has been enjoying her furever home and family.  She has brought a sense of completion of our little pack and so much joy and love into our home.  To this day she has not done one thing wrong- not one!  Although her vision is poor, she is not completely blind.   The infections and ulcers in them are completely gone.   Due to malnutrition and a severe case of mange, she had thin fur and bald patches.  She now has a full coat of thick, shiny lustrous hair which she fills out rather well, as she has gained nearly ⅓ of her weight since being home.  She learned to play with toys for the first time during her second day here and also enjoys playing with the other dogs and her cats.  We did away with her crate after only a few days because it became too small right away; she had her best friend Nygel, a Mini-Schnauzer, and a three-legged cat, Amir, and Christopher, an orange Tabby, all sleeping in there with her.  With her toys and blankets in there also, it was clearly too much!  
    It is truly amazing how friendly and fearless Sarut is considering her past.  The first 6 ½ years of her life in a puppy mill were horrible.  Yet, she often has a cat eating from her bowl with her and shares her toys with everyone.  She loves to be held and kissed, isn’t afraid of anything or anyone; even likes storms!  Her tail wags constantly these days, even while she’s sleeping.  Her current activities include dive-bombing off the couch onto the large Chow sibling, tug-of-war with Nygel, napping with the cats, playing “chase” with the Greyhound, and watching T.V. with Daddy on his lap.  She really loves it when Mommy makes snacks for T.V. time and gives bellyrubs.  Racing through the yard then dipping in her pool is so refreshing on a hot day.  And oh the fancy clothes she loves dressing up in!  
     Sarut is no longer the horrible, pathetic little mill dog in that rescue picture.  She has been completely transformed and so have we.  She is a living testimony of the miracles that can occur when loving, caring people band together for a good cause.  She is so happy and spreads this joy wherever she is.  While holding her, many people claim to feel “something magical.”  We know what this is, don’t we?  This precious little princess is the best little darling in the world and we are forever grateful to Col. Potter for seeing her potential.  They saved her even though she was deemed “unadoptable.”  Not only is Princess Sarut healed, she is healing.  How tragic to have overlooked such a priceless life in this magnificent little girl!!  We cannot even imagine being without her.  So how did she turn out?  Is she loved?  Is she healthy?  What do you think?
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  1. A beautiful story about a beautiful little girl. You were all so lucky to have found each other. DT