Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maggie: A Good Meal, Great Home - 3 Years of Happily Ever After!

Maggie’s road to freedom took another turn on Mother’s Day 2008.  She may not have known it yet, but she was home.    Maggie was a little nervous that day.  She laid down on a small rug and pretty much didn’t move.  She was not interested in exploring.

But when she heard her dinner being prepared, she lit up and did a little dance.  We had never seen a dog so happy to actually have food!  It literally brought tears to my eyes.  She relaxed a little more every day after that.  Guess she figured if we served food too, then maybe she would stick around.

Men have been a challenge for her.  It took almost 2 years for her to open her heart to my husband.  Today, she is pretty much a Daddy’s girl.   She still does not appreciate our son’s visits but she has learned to tolerate them better.

Our biggest concern at her adoption is how she would do with children as our Granddaughter, Lauren,  was 3 mos old.  No worries!  Maggie mothers that child and I do believe “Maggie” was Lauren’s 1st word.  Of course that was a response to Maggie carrying off Lauren’s monkey but Lauren got her words out!

Maggie still has fears but it is amazing how relaxed this little girl has become.  And “happy tails”, let me tell you she does not stop at a simple tail wag . . . . it is more like a butt wag and the fastest tail in the land!   And for no other reason other than I walked in the room!   Maggie is a special little girl and she could not be loved more!  Thank you Colonel Potter for her freedom!

Bob & Cindy E (KS)
CP kids Maggie & Star

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