Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Tomfoolerey Here - He's Now Tomy

Foster Mom reported:  Tomfoolery, now known as Tomy, made his final long car rides last week from IL to his new home in TN.  Tomy, who is just the sweetest most gentle guy, was adopted by a wonderful, and very sweet gal.  The two of them will have the most wonderful life together.
Our journey yesterday started out amidst thunderstorms and torrential downpours and we were wondering how drenched we'd all be by the time we got to our half-way meeting point, got the adoption papers signed and Tomy pottied before he started on his final journey to his new home.  Well, the sun came out and it was the most beautiful day for an adoption.
Tomy had no problem greeting his new mom and her first comment was about how cute he looked and how gentle he took treats.  Her biggest smile came when he was put in his new crate in the front seat of her car and he started chewing the new ball she had brought for him.  He never looked back at us and he knew that he was with his new mom.
Their car ride home was a very long one but I got the best report saying that he was great in the car and survived the drive like a trouper. 

Pam E
Normal, IL

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