Saturday, May 14, 2011

For Keltie He's All in the Family

Foster Mom Penny A sent us this happy ever after story:

My foster Keltie went to his forever home in the Bay Area yesterday afternoon. He will have an older Cairn sister, Annie and a 7 year old Cairn brother, Scout (CP’s Franz) as well as his mom and dad. All reports are that he had a great flight in his Sherpa and made a great impression on everyone at the airport when his dad let him out to stretch his legs. Keltie was a great little foster dog and I will miss the little trouble-maker (VBG), but I don’t think my resident furbutts feel quite the same.

I would like to thank everyone in Col. Potter who made this adoption possible and give a big shout out to our Matchmakers who are THE BEST. All of my fosters have gone to absolutely perfect homes. It makes it so much easier to let them go when you know that they will be much-loved family members and have great lives.

Attached is a picture of Keltie with new dad James, ready to start his new life as a California dog!

Penny in Kent, WA
With resident Cairns Buddy and Shasta (CP’s Shanleigh)

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