Saturday, May 21, 2011

Laments of a Gardener (and Cairn Mom)

It's a gorgeous day here in northern NJ. No rain for a change - 70 degrees, sun. Great day to do a little pruning and planting annuals while the 4 cairns enjoy being outside.

Aside from the crater in the lawn left by Becky, the lawn is looking luscious. Well, there are those numerous but small dirt hills that seem to have popped up overnight. Hmmm...looks like ants hatching.

Oh well. On to some pruning. Go to the shed and grab the tools. Wait, Becky is doing a poop. Have to scoop that up or I'll tread on it. Have to go get the scooper. Now that's done, let me put the scooper away.

OK back to pruning. Wait, Zibby is doing a poop. Better pick that up or Becky will snack on it. Have to go get the scooper. Now that's done, better put it back or I will forget where I left it.

OK back to pruning. Do a quick cairn check. Everybody here? Good. Becky is chasing bees. Yogi and Casey are waiting for the birds to drop of that tree. Zibby is looking out the fence to see what's going on.

Back to pruning. What? ANOTHER POOP? Must have been Casey. Better get the scooper or, well, you know. Better put it back,too.

OK back to pruning. Here is Zibby coming to say hello. Wait, what? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is definitely on purpose! UGH! Back to the scooper. Yes, yes, I put it back.

OK NOW back to pruning. It's getting late already. What's that buzzing sound? What is Becky chasing now? Bees...what are all these things flying around suddenly???

Oh no...wasps...from the holes...hundreds...time for everybody to go inside and take a nap.


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