Sunday, May 8, 2011

Puppy Loraz Flies to Her Furever

Lori is on her way home to CO. They are probably boarding the plane right now. She will join another CP boy who was adopted last fall. Her 'mom' will be their 16 year old daughter, Abby, who thinks Lori's new name will be Olive. :-)   (I love it!)
And of course, Olive has her own hot pink sherpa to travel in! lol They were tickled that the puppy's favorite treat was goldfish crackers.
Here are a couple of pictures of Abby and her Dad.
Happy Mothers' Day to all. First adoption for the day is done. One more this afternoon. :-)

Note: Lorax is one of Aphrodite (Famous Lovers Group) puppies; The Puppies were name after Dr. Seuss characters. Mom Aphrodite now Tess was adopted on Monday and flew to her home in PA with a whole pack of cairn and cairn wannabee fursibs. It's nearly impossible to get photos of Tess, but we'll keep trying. Watch the blog for that post adoption story and updates on the other puppies.

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