Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A HAPPY Happy Birthday for Lord Stanley

Some eight years ago I was recovering from the loss of my sweet little man Fred.  I was not looking for another dog so soon but Monika decided differently :)  She asked me to foster a little one year old boy (CP name Jimmy).  I was not so sure but agreed to pick him up on my drive back to CT from the drag races in TN.  I met Charmaine in Valley Forge, PA and I guess you could say the rest is history.  Out of the crate came a wiggling dark baby and he settled quite nicely into my arms, as if it was meant to be.  He had been dumped at an Ohio shelter and labeled a "bad dog" by a young couple who crated a one year old Cairn for 12 hours a day and expected a mild mannered dog - can you say duhhhhhhhhhhh - from what I understand, CP pulled him just before his time was up.  Now that would have been the crime of the century!
By the time I got home to CT I knew he was staying.  I left all my luggage in the car, put the little man down in the back yard for a quick pee and headed for my computer.  I booted up and proceeded directly to the application form.  This little wild child became Lord Stanley and today he is the most loving boy, with huge brown eyes that tell me he loves me every day.  Today he turned 9 and we celebrated with some tidbits of steak added to dinner, followed by vanilla cupcakes for everyone.  He is currently sleeping directly behind my chair,  cuddling his birthday toy ( a squeaky doughnut with pretend sprinkles on top).  How I love his gentle ways, he was so tender and understanding with the set of 9 week old puppies I fostered.  Even when they pulled his ears, his tail and even tried to bite is private parts.  He watched over them in the yard and slept by their xpen.  He has been the protector of all new fosters and most especially his sister Lily, now at the bridge.  He even takes special care of his brother Harry, who is a bit on the meek side. 
Just thought we could use a little good news today. 

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