Monday, May 30, 2011

Every Toto (and Darby) Needs a Dorothy

An update on Darby in Texas:
6 months ago this weekend our lives changed---Nov. 28th 2010.  This marks the day we picked up Darby/Ciao ar the Dallas Airport.  She flew in from Penn. where she was in Foster Care with the B's.  She was rescued in October from a puppy mill, was quite confused scared.  In spite of that, she has been such a WONDERFUL dog!!  We can't tell you how she has changed our lives.  Darby is our 4th cairn.  Our last Cairn, Matty, died unexpectedly in Oct.  We were shocked and sad but knew just the right dog would come along to join us in this journey called "LIFE"......

Then we found out about Col Potter and after a lot of anticipation We were told we could have Darby!!!  God knew who we needed!!!  She is perfect!  Our 1st Cairn was Silver black Brindle, our next 2 were Wheaten; now we had come full cycle and we got Darby, a Black Brindle.  She is beautiful!  She is so dark we can't see her around the house at night!!!  She has learned to get out of our way so we don't trip over her!!!  She is so smart and so wants to please!  She looks to us as the folks she use to dream about the first 2 yrs of her life!  She is our Toto dog and we are her Dorothy!!!

She does well at the Groomers and loves to be brushed and thinned with the comb from Col. Potter.   She has been groomed 3 times and some golden fur is peaking through her black pretty!!!

Darby found out it DOES snow in Texas !!!  She finds it very COLD and is very curious about it!:
Darby loves to nap on sheets and blankies which we, of course, keep in every room of the house!  

She LOVES her bones and spends a lot of time chewing on them and laying on her couch blankie!  She will chew on one for awhile and spend the rest of the night running all over the house finding a safe place to bury it.  Moving it from place to place!!

She LOVES her backyard and plays with the squirrels and birds!  She is very polite she will NOT scratch at the door to come in....instead she will sit 3-5 feet away from the door and wait patiently for us to notice!!  And she doesn't feel like she has to bark at the neighbor dogs or the wind.  Our other Cairns were very scared of storms--you would think the world was coming to an end!  NOT DARBY!!!  Rain, Wind, Thunder, Lightening even Tornadoes----NO BIG DEAL !!!  WE LOVE THAT!!!!!!  She even takes the yard guys in stride!!  I guess the main thing that gets her barking is the doorbell and she is still a little nervous with people coming into the house.  MUCH better than at first!  

Darby's most important job is chasing the squirrels between the tree and the fence.  The squirrels yap at her and tease her all day!!  She finally decided the best way was easier to just sit under the tree to "stay in control" of those squirrels!

Our daughter's cairn, Presley, spent the weekend 2 weeks ago, and they spent a lot of time looking out her favorite window and spotting the squirrels in the backyard.

Darby is so loving and doesn't take her new home for granted.  She greets us every time we come home or even come into the room with kisses.  She has the funniest way of getting our attention---she will CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP her teeth together REALLY loud!!  It's Hilarious!!!  and Yes it does get  the attention she is looking for!!!  She  also dances on her back feet and flaps her front paws!  That works too!!  She loves to cuddle, have her tummy rubbed and her unconditional love is truly a Blessing!!  We humans should be dogs sometimes!!  



Vicki and Steve B in Texas

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  1. What a heart warming, feel good, happy forever for this little one.
    Rescue kids need us as much as we need them. Happy forever little one.