Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nayla - fka Fascination

I was lost and heartbroken after losing my beloved Cairn, Ruby, to cancer in October, 2011 one month and one day shy of her 10th birthday. My home and my life were not the same without my Ruby. I gave myself time and realized I NEEDED and wanted another little furgirl in my life. My sister and I drove from Pittsburgh to Virginia Beach to bring my little Nayla fka Fascination/Na Na to her forever home. I loved this little girl as soon as I saw her picture on Col. Potter website and could not wait to learn more about her. After speaking with Nayla’s wonderful Foster Mother Judy, I felt she was the little furgirl for me. My feelings were confirmed when we met. Nayla is a sweet little girl who amuses me daily with her antics. She loves to empty her toy box and take certain toys to “her” room. She has so many toys on her bed, I do not know how there is any room for her! If I decide to put some toys back in the toy box, sure enough Nayla has her own agenda and they reappear on her bed! On several occasions, she has been spotted carrying her Official Col. Potter Blanket from the kitchen to her room - her head held high, so she does not trip. Nayla makes me laugh and has quickly become my little shadow inside and outside the house. She loves to take walks and meet the neighbors and learn her new neighborhood. I installed a doggy door for her and she has mastered coming in and out of the house. This very special little girl has brought so much back into my life. I cannot wait to get home from work so we can spend the evening together. Nayla loves to ride in the car and helps me run errands on the weekend. I thank Judy, Nayla’s Foster Mom and everyone at Col. Potter. God Bless all of you for giving me the opportunity to share my life and home with Nayla.

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