Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stitch fka CP Halifax Transitions to Texas!

Contributed by her Foster Mom and New Mom

Stitch fka Halifax fit right in with brothers Hunter (fka CP Goose) and little Gizmo!

You never know, sometimes, when something starts, where it will eventually end, and so it is with little Stitch fka CP Halifax.  Her Col. Potter story began before we ever knew about her, when a wonderful group of our Canadian CP family held a fundraising event, parking cars for several days, raising funds for Col. Potter.  With the money they raised, Col. Potter was able to secure the freedom of a large group of dogs from a commercial breeder, a group known to us as “O Canada!”

Thus Halifax found her way into the safety of Col. Potter, getting her first real taste of Freedom at her Foster Home in Kansas, and when her Forever Mom saw her little face, she decided this little girl needed to make her way to Texas!  And so it was!

Halifax became Stitch, and she was delighted to find she had a new Cairn brother, Hunter (fka CP Goose), and a little bitty brother, Gizmo.

Sister Hailey gets a kiss!

Stitch is making great strides in her new home!  As far as her new Mom is concerned, “Stitch is absolutely wonderful and a great little girl!”  She gets along wonderfully with Hunter and Gizmo, and she can sleep peacefully in her crate all night, but she prefers to sleep in bed with her human sister, Hailey. 

Hailey has her hands full with Hunter and Stitch!

She follows Hunter everywhere, and she loves to play with him in the back yard.   Hunter is teaching Stitch how to use the dog door.  She has "in" perfected and is working on the "out".   Her housebreaking is almost perfect!

Stitch is quite the little Princess!

Hey!  Need some help?

Yes, we think we’ll keep each other!

Stitches new Mom says, “Stitch is such a wonderful addition!  Thank you all so very much for making this possible!”

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