Sunday, January 20, 2013

Orchid Takes a Big Step!

Contributed by her Happy Mom

CP’s sweet Miss Orchid and Hemi (fka CP Hematite)

We adopted Miss Orchid at 10 yrs. old.  She was a Foster that came to us so scared and timid she would rather stay outside, in any kind of weather, than be in the house with us.  We had to lock the doggie door to make her stay in sometimes! 

She hated the washer, dryer, and dishwasher noises - and still does - and runs upstairs to sleep when they are on.  She doesn’t mind the lawnmower any more.  And sometimes if we drop things she doesn’t run or flinch. 

There was never much interest in her, and I did many, many write ups for the Col. Potter’s site for her as she progressed.   After we had her for several months, we realized she had become comfortable with us and decided to adopt her for Christmas 2011.  We just didn’t want to make her have to adjust again. 

As I said, she still doesn’t like certain things, but she comes for loves and kisses and belly rubs from us all on her own!  She will look us in the eye and you know she adores you!  She runs around with a toy in her mouth when I come home from work, squeaking it has fast she can – Moms home, Moms home, Yeah! 

Anyone who has met Orchid would not believe what she accomplished this past weekend!  Keeping in mind that she didn’t play with toys, didn’t engage the others, didn’t want to be touched.  If people visited, she ran upstairs and retreated to her cage.   Well, we were gone over New Years and my birthday, so several of our kids and grandkids came over last weekend.  Five extra people here, but the two Fosters (Marlin and Violet Tallulah) had gone to their wonderful Forever Homes.  To our amazement, Miss Orchid stayed downstairs with all of us!  Joe & I kept looking at each other, astounded that she was still hanging around with all of us!  She was comfortable and happy!  I cried after everyone left and Joe and I could talk about it. 

She gives her kisses freely now, and we just love her!   She is our little cutie and we can’t imagine her not being here!  She has a few other nicknames, “Funny Bunny”, "Ballerina Girl” when she dances for her meals, she almost does pirouettes when meals are being served!

She even allows me to pick her up and put her on our bed when I get ready for work each morning, and give her scritches and belly rubs.  She doesn’t always sleep under my dresser at night, sometimes just on the doggie blankets on the floor next to me (Next goal: on the bed with the rest of us, LOL!). 

Thank you Col. Potter for helping us all find each other!
Geri & Joe

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