Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shorty aka Ozzi fka CP’s Tolstoy now Shines Brightly in Florida!

Written by Shorty aka Ozzi (CP’s Tolstoy)

 Things are looking pretty good now!

Hi Foster Mom and Dad!  
Hi Everybody at Col. Potter!

It's Shorty aka Ozzi from sunny Florida!  Except its not so sunny and it'll be cold tonight!

My new Mom adores me and says my tail wags all the time, it must get tired!  She's says I'm a happy little gentleman!  I have to learn stairs though, and I'm not thrilled about that. I even won the cranky old husband over with a big kiss!  He's wild about me now!  There is also a fat cat around who sleeps all day.

Okay I have to supervise Mom now.  

Give Toto and the gang in Kansas a bark for me!

Love xxoo,
Shorty aka Ozzi

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