Saturday, January 5, 2013

Maisie's Gotcha Day - Anniversary #5

Hi – Maisie here for my annual check-in to let you know how things are going . Today is my 5th Gotcha Day. This has been a really good year. I lost a couple of pounds, so am looking very sleek and svelte. This is especially good when I’m trying to attract my boy friend Rhett, the Leonberger. I’ve also got my eye on a couple of boxers.

I’m a very busy girl. I live with my mom Sheryl and her mom just north of Boston. We also have 2 kitties and my best buddy Murry who’s also a cairn. He’s very social, so I don’t have to worry when we meet people as I’m still a bit shy. Although mom says to tell you that this past summer I let 3 different people I didn’t even know pet me. We went to the CRAP last summer. It was kind of a long ride, but so much fun to hang with the other cairns. Life is good here north of Boston. We go for walks most every day. In the summer we go to the beach and I have a little pool for cooling off in the yard. Now that’s it’s snowing Murry likes to go skating.
We had a special spa day just before Christmas. Mom always grooms us, but this time she gave us a special treat. I wasn’t even nervous. Mom says she’s sending some photos so you can see our gang.

Happy 2013 to all my cairn cousins! – Maisie the Princess
(Seems like only yesterday when I met Maisie at Karen O’s in Arizona. Maisie is 10 now and is still our very special girl. For those of you new to Col Potter, a link to Maisie’s story “From a Pauper to a Princess” is here.

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