Saturday, October 20, 2012


Mom and Dad decided to get married on the beach here in South Carolina
and insisted that by brother Mr Spock, also a Cairn Terrier and I be the "Best Dogs"
We even got Black bow ties to wear,although it did slip a liittle and were part of the
wedding party. We were so good, everyone complimented us on how cute we were
and how well behaved we were. Mr Spock got to carry the rings because he's older
(I could have done it because I have learned to be a very responsible dog though.)
I did need a rest after all the activity though.
Life has sure changed since last March when I was rescued by Col Potter.
I now have my own bed, and I don't go in the house.
I get walkies 3 times a day (except when its too hot in the summer then only 2,
but I go in the yard-on the flowers. I met my first butterfly last week,but it wouldn't stay
it jut kept flitting around my nose and Mom and Dad kept laughing. You know it's great
being a dog !!! 

MICK (fka Rammmer)

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