Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jr. Ambassador Michaela Rivera

Michaela Rivera is a 10-year-old in Massachusetts; well actually, she will be 11 on January 21st. Like most other preteens, Michaela has a birthday wishlist, and of course, that wishlist is posted to her Facebook page HERE.

But what makes Michaela’s list special is that all of the items she has requested are related to her pet rescue projects. This is how Michaela describes her ambitious project:

My ultimate goal is to start an animal rescue/food and supply pantry of my own, to save as many animals lives as I can with letters to the government and city officials, and to work with therapy dogs

Michaela has a love for animals that runs deep; she was named Jr Ambassador for the Worcester Animal Rescue League and she is now on a mission to get proper medical supplies to all shelters so no animal has to wait for a rescue group to pull them.She wants to make sure there is a tougher penalty for animal cruelty and her ultimate goal is to get shelter animals into their forever homes. She will be hosting lemonade stands yard sales and different drives to collect items for the shelter she will also be contacting state reps for many states to get tougher laws passed.

Whew ... what a little spitfire! Michaela seems to be a money-raising wizard, as well as a great project developer. Currently she is making baskets of needed items for shelter animals.

In the summer, Michaela sells lemonade, year-round she requests donation via her Live and Virtual Lemonade Stand on Facebook

Michaela invites all to join her and help her with her mission. You can do so by visiting her Facebook page for additional information.

Thanks to Kathy B for “introducing” me to Michaela’s page, and I’m thrilled to be able to share her information with you!

Note: This post was pre-approved by Michaela's Mom with permission to use the photos.

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  1. Thank you so much this meant so much to both Michaela and I