Saturday, January 19, 2013

Minnow Makes her way Forever Home!

Contributed by her Foster Mom

Minnow finds New Dad’s lap quite acceptable!

Minnow just left with her new family and the house seems very quiet now. 

We all met in the back yard, and, after lots of sniffs and tail-wagging, we knew that this was a perfect match!  Of course, little Miss Bossy insisted on having first dibs on all the petting, and growled to think she had to share, but it was pretty clear early on that there were plenty of pets available for everyone. 

Minnow, evaluating the availability of pats!

Yes, this New Mom & New Dad will do just fine!!!

Once inside, she voluntarily got up into New Dad’s lap and they had a little quiet time while New Sis found a comfortable doggie bed and snuggled into it. 

Minnow’s New Mom and Dad are great people who have done a wonderful job with Heidi, their 11 year old Rescue Beagle, and I know they will be very good for Minnow. 

Happy forever, baby girl – Foster Mom will miss you!

Becky E.

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