Sunday, January 20, 2013

Madeira “Maddie” Moves on as “Penny”!

Contributed by her Loving Foster Mom

Madeira nka Penny already knows how to make New Mom smile!

Madeira aka “Maddie”, who will soon be known as "Penny," left today with her New Mom and Grand Mom. They are heading from sunny Florida to a somewhat chillier clime in North Carolina, where she will meet her New Dad in her Forever Home.

Madeira nka Penny cuddles with New Grand Mom

As you can see by her pictures, she has an ecstatic New Mom and a proud and comforting Grand Mom… who says she has told New Mom she has to send pictures!

Saying “Goodbye” is such sweet sorrow…

Foster Mom and Maddie shared a sweet, final embrace...  That final embrace is always so hard, isn't it?  Sometimes it seems that the ones who have been the most troubled and difficult become the hardest to let go after they have finally surrendered their defenses and fears and allowed themselves to be loved and cared for.  They take such big chunks of your heart with them when they leave…

Sweet Forever, little Maddie!

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