Monday, January 14, 2013

Kelsey fka Milori Lights Up Long Island!

Written by her Happy New Mom

Kelsey fka Milori learning to love her new life!

We have a great update on Kelsey, the former Milori: She’s doing fantastic!

When we first got her, she was afraid of many things, garbage cans, cars, boxed Christmas gifts, and unexpected noises.  She warmed up to us quickly, but took a bit longer to get used to the house.  Even doorways were intimidating.

But so much has changed in the past six weeks!  She’s become much braver, and is now a curious and playful cairn!  Anything new, whether at home or in the neighborhood, now gets a cautious sniff, but a sniff nonetheless.  Kelsey has thought about chasing squirrels, but hasn’t yet done it.  She is, however, an expert at catching leaves blowing along the sidewalk!  She chases them down, pounces, and briefly carries her trophies in her mouth.   On very windy days, this leads to a cycle of catch and release, and catch and release...  So much fun in just one leaf!

Kelsey does her Good Morning! Happy Dog Dance in the snow!

 The other activity with which Kelsey amuses us we started calling the “Good Morning, Happy Dog Dance”.   She races to the end of the leash, then circles back, running in tight little circles.  This can go on for a minute or two, and is a sight to behold!  If we ever manage to get this on video, it’s sure to be a YouTube hit!

In just the past few days, Kelsey has started to play with pull toys and engage us in little tugs of war.  And she’s becoming mischievous, trying to steal pens, phones, and sections of the newspaper.  Today, she untied a shoe one of us was wearing!

We realized something odd about Kelsey about two weeks ago.  She’s six years old, but she’s also a puppy.  She’s exploring her new, much wider world, and trying to figure out how everything works.

Kelsey remains as sweet as ever, and likes nothing better than to sit with her people. We’re happy to oblige.

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  1. What a wonderful update! Thank you for giving Kelsey a loving forever home!