Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mildred Shakes up the Sunshine State!

Written by her New Mom

Mildred getting ready to launch as Katie Mildred

Katie Mildred (fka CP’s Mildred) is a busy girl!  She has already gotten Woody (fka CP’s Zinger) running in the back yard, chasing squirrels. Woody is now sleeping on the couch.  He is worn out!

Katie Mildred in the middle as Woody (fka Zinger) gets pointers from Mildred's Foster brother Walter

I brought Katie in to take a rest from running in the back yard, but she went right out the dog door!  She was shown that door twice and is already an expert!

She loves running after squirrels!  Woody runs after her and they search the bushes together.  The lizards are in there running around as well.  The neighbors well has a broken pipe, so there is water in our back yard. Guess where Katie was?  Laying in that water, cooling off!  It is warm today about 75.  Looks like she may like swimming in the Summer.

Woody shows Katie Mildred around the house

I thought this was an old dog?  She has more energy than Woody!

Woody tolerates her well, although he keeps looking at me to be reassured.  I have been giving him lots of attention so he doesn't get jealous.  I noticed Woody pushed ahead of her to go in the door first.

Day two, Katie was awake at 5 AM, ready to go.  I took her out to pee and then hoped she would sleep for a while.  Oh no, she told me to look at her schedule, it was time for breakfast!  So I gave her breakfast.  Then she told me she goes back to bed, and she did.

Funny how they are such creatures of habit!

Katie Mildred discovers some Sunshine State Squirrels!

Katie just came in the dog door.  She greeted me happily and laid down, and now is finally resting after all morning of running.... 

All is well.

Again, thank you Col. Potter Volunteers for taking care of Mildred and providing a wonderful home when she needed it so badly!

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