Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hula La Lights Up her Forever Home!

Contributed by her Happy Foster Mom

Hula’s tail is busy wagging!

My little diabetic/vision impaired foster girl flew from balmy Florida early in January to live with her new family in Michigan.  It was a very long travel day but she did really well.  She is such a delightful, easy-going girl and lets nothing fluster her! 

…and wagging!

Her new Mom and I were worried about how Hula would react to the cold and snow.  Turns out, when she came out of her travel crate, she dove into the snow and thoroughly enjoyed it!  Her new Mom and Dad made sure she would have everything she needed to feel welcome – sweaters, toys, and the exact food and treats she received at my house. 

…and wagging!!!

Well, based on the pictures, I think this has been an easy transition for her!  She’s met Walther (another CP cairn) and the two cats and everyone is getting along just fine.  New Mom says it’s like she’s lived there her whole life.

Hula loves a great belly rub!

I’ve been getting almost daily updates and pictures and I hope they never stop coming!  Hula is thoroughly enjoying her new life!

Hula also loves her toys!

Hula’s vision is somewhat impaired by her diabetic cataracts.  She absolutely loves fetching a ball, but sometime can’t find it once it stops moving.  Her New Mom found a blinking ball and Hula has no problem finding that one!

…all of her toys!

She looks so happy!  I couldn’t have asked for a better forever home for this sweet little girl!  
Hula is Forever Home Sweet Home!

Happy Forever, Hula!!! 
Karen M.

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