Thursday, January 24, 2013

“Penny” (fka CP Madeira) Settles In!

Contributed by her Happy New Mom

New Mom & Dad think I am Sweet!

Penny (fka CP Madeira) is doing great!  She is such a sweet and good girl!  Her New Dad and I were off work for the MLK holiday and we spent the whole day at home with her!

I have my own new bed for the living room!

She and I went on a nice long walk in the morning, and then I gave her a nice warm bath after she played in the snow.  She had a ton of energy after her bath - running laps around the living room and picking up her various toys and shaking them around!  I got her a special bed that she can sit in when we are all in the living room together, but on Monday, in the afternoon, we all fell asleep together on the couch, watching TV!  It was a wonderful lazy day, but I think she enjoyed it, and we certainly loved getting to know her personality a little better.

I am learning to be comfortable in my new crate

She is such a snuggler!  Even, at this very moment, she is in my lap under a blanket!  She likes to follow me everywhere I go to see what I'm doing.  We have had her sleep in her crate each night, and at first she does bark a few times, but doesn't take long to settle down and fall asleep.

I have to follow Mom & Dad so I don’t miss out on anything!

I showed her pictures off all day my first day back at my office!  Her new Dad gets to come home every day for lunch, so she has a good time exploring our backyard during that time. For me, Tuesday felt like the longest work day in my life, and I was so happy to come home to my furry baby!

We went on a long walk after I got home from work that day to get her wiggles out, and we met another neighborhood dog along the way.  Penny does pull a lot when we walk, so I try to keep her walking closely to me when she does this.  Progress!

We love her so much already!


  1. Penny is quite possibly the cutest set of pictures I have seen in a long time. What an adorable baby! Thanks for sharing and good luck to you!

  2. Love little Penny. cute and powerful hind legs too all the better for jumping. from G'diddy Clay