Friday, January 25, 2013

Sarut Celebrates 2 years at Home!

Contributed by her Happy Mommy & Daddy

 Happy Gotcha Day, Sarut!!!

Two years ago today, I paced around all day, waiting for it to be time to leave for the airport to wait for Sarut's plane to land.  We still arrived a couple of hours early because we just couldn't sit still at home any longer, even though we hadn't been able to sleep the night before! 

That morning, I imagined everything Sarut was going through, from the ride to the airport until the moment she landed.  I even hoped my hair and makeup looked good enough for her!  I was so excited and also amused at myself, behaving like this. 

My heart was pounding when the plane landed, and right up until I was handed the little black carrier.  I peeked inside and caught a tiny glimpse of black hair!  I will never forget the warm feeling that overcame me at that instant…  It only got better from that moment on! 

We are still blessed, each and every day, with the love our sweet, precious little Sarut has brought into our lives.  She has been the most absolutely perfect baby, and we just adore her so much!  Sarut is a very happy little doll, and adapted to her Queendom immediately! 

Sarut is truly amazing and we thank Col. Potter and all who contributed to saving her so she could know a life of freedom, love, and being what she was born to be.  We have learned a great deal from her and are so grateful for all she has to offer.
Happy Gotcha Day, Sarut!!!

Mommy, Daddy, and your Fur & Feather siblings

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