Monday, January 21, 2013

CP McQueen nka Chuck Celebrates 2 years Home!!!

Contributed by his Loving Mom

CP’s McQueen (nka Chuck), before he found his Forever Home

On January 19th, Chuck (CP McQueen) celebrated being with us for 2 full years!!!  I thank God for him every day!  I can't tell you how much he is loved in our home by all of our family members.  I can't imagine not having Chuck in my life.  

He is still a "talker" and he makes me laugh often.  He's a lot better in the car now, and on the leash.  It's hard to believe he's a Southern boy because he absolutely loves the snow!  You should see the handsome coat Santa brought him this Christmas! 

Chuck (fka CP’s McQueen) shows off his special bed!

Chuck is also a snuggler!  He loves to sit on the couch with the family and friends to watch TV (He loves watching football with the boys!).

Chuck's itchiness has been minimal, and pretty much non-existent in the wintertime. Although we still keep his crate in our bedroom, just in case he wants to go in it (which he doesn't anymore), last year his "Daddy" bought him a beautiful bed of his own with his name on it in big bold letters, and he sleeps in it beside our bed every night.  But before bed, he enjoys an hour or so of time with us in the "big bed" as we read and/or watch TV before lights out.

I can't help but give him millions of kisses every day - and he indulges me!  He gives me sweet kisses on my nose every day too.  I just love him so much!!!  I can't even express how my heart overflows with love for him.  He is such a blessing to us, and we know we are the luckiest fur-parents on earth!

Chuck sends his love, but he wants you to know he is very happy in his forever home and he knows he is loved and cared for! 

Thank you, Foster Mom!

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