Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brandon's Trip to Furever

Brandon, Gigi and I set off on our trip yesterday to meet Brandon's new mom.  Jane is a person you feel like you have known all your life - it was an instant friendship. She was delighted to meet the 'legend" Gigi and of course her boy Brandon. 

Brandon's Adoption

We had a great time discussing everything and she got to spend the day with Brandon so next morning's drive home with him was not so unknown to Brandon.  Jane did the crying for me as she left with him!

Brandon's Adoption2
I was able to get 2 good pictures of Brandon hanging out in Jane's hotel room.  He has a great new home and this is their second dog adopted from CP. 

Marie S
Pensacola, FL
Ella - I am being boarded - and missing everything
Foster Gianna - Yippeeee - it is just me and mom

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