Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Prim is now Properly "Ruby"

We just celebrated 18 months since welcoming Ruby (fka Prim) to our family. She is the most friendly, loving, and fun Cairn! However, the past few months have been filled with many trials - the biggest being Ruby's diabetes diagnosis. In March she began having accidents all over the house and drinking a lot of water. After taking her to the Vet for what we thought was a bladder infection, we were informed that her glucose level was in the high 400's and she needed to start insulin immediately. We couldn't believe it! Ruby is in great shape and only 4 years old. For the next few months we struggled to get her regulated on insulin. She requires injections twice daily, and this little Cairn wanted nothing to do with the shots. It was nearly impossible to get our 9 pound Cairn to stay still for just a second. As soon as she saw the syringe she went crazy. We were beyond frustrated because without her insulin she wouldn't feel better. Our Vet actually suggested that we find another home for Ruby because it was just too hard to control her. My husband and I knew that we could neve give her up. She has given us so much love and companionship since we brought her home. We decided to hire a canine behaviorist and she worked a miracle with Ruby. We are now able to administer injections without too much trouble. Even though it's been a difficult few months, we can't imagine our life without Ruby. As you can see in the picture, she is a very happy dog and loving life in Pennsylvania! Thank you CPCRN for helping us find our sweet girl. We can't imagine life without her!

Breanna and Dave
Dillsburg, PA


  1. What a wonderful testament to the power of love in dealing with a chronic illness. It IS possible to live with a dog with diabetes! An excellent message for folks considering a rescue dog but are hesitating because of an on-going illness. It is always worth it. Thank you so much for writing and letting people know - I hope it helps get more Cairns adopted!

  2. Thank you for your comments. Ruby is such a joy and we are blessed to have her. We'll do all we can to make sure she has a happy, healthy life. After a rough three years in a puppy mill, it breaks my heart to know that she is sick, but we are thankful for good medicine and help from our behaviorist and Vet to keep her healthy!