Sunday, April 15, 2012

King Kirby Rules!

Seems that Foster Mom Gail was missing her boy Halyard (now known as Kirby) so asked furever Mom Julia for an update.

But first, according to Gail's unbiased opinion"
Kirby/Halyard is the most perfect older gentleman ever known. He is kind, gentle and such a great companion. He went to a home in Virginia with one of the more beautiful women on earth who also dotes on this guy.

And Mom Julia seems to agree, sending this great update:
Gail, how kind of you to ask. Kirby has adjusted very well to being the king of the household. He sleeps with me and is not any trouble. He can sense when I'm awake and puts his front paws on my chest to greet me. After I put him on the floor (the bed is too high for his aged legs), he has a big burst of energy and plays with his animals until I get dressed. He then wolfs down his breakfast, goes for a walk where he performs admirably--then home to take a nap. What a life!

He really is a sweet dog. He was attacked in the Peta dog park a few weeks ago by a bulldog and a large dog of indeterminate parentage. They jumped him and I had to call for help to get the dogs off him. He has been afraid to go into the park ever since, which is a shame because he used to love it. But he still gets his walks.

We do call him Kirby or "Kirby Underfoot" because he seldom strays more than a foot away from me. He is so funny about the cat. He looks through Sumo as though he does not exist. I don't think he believes a cat is a real person the way he is.

Thank you again for caring for him so well.
My best to you and your girls.


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  1. We were Kirby's owners for the past 10 years. Though we miss him very much, it's nice to see he went to a good home. I'm sure you'll enjoy him for the next 10 years!