Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gertie Gives and Gets Joy!

Well, folks, it's been almost a year since I decided to come live in Idaho and I think it's working out pretty well so I've decided to stay. Now I'll hand it over to my Mum.

Gertie has really brought a lot of sunshine into our lives and gets along very well with Heidi, her new sister. She has a spot under one of our tables that she loves to curl up in. We've added blankets so it will be as comfortable for her as possible but sometimes I can't even imagine how she manages to squeeze herself in! 

Gertie's eyes have brightened since she came to live with us and her personality has really come to life. We love her dearly and she returns the affection a thousand times over. 

Sylvia C, Gertie's Furever Mon

And her is a work from Foster Mom:

Gertie was "Trudy Lou" and adopted by this lovely English lady in Meridian Idaho.  Trudy Lou was Fostered in KS.  I, as her MM, flew Trudy Lou to her new home in Meridian.  At that time she weighed about 22 lbs!  She now weighs 16! She is so beautiful! Sylvia adopted her shortly after her husband died. She has brought such joy to Sylvia.
Thanks much,
Pam M

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