Thursday, April 12, 2012

Midori - Most Adored

Dearest Col. Potter Friends,

We adopted Midori from you almost six years ago and she has been the most adored and amazing creature we've ever had. Because of everything she went  through before we were lucky enough to bring her into our family, it took her several years to become her full, whole, and extraordinary self. She was frightened of almost everything in the beginning and didn't make a
single sound for almost a year and a half. We gently poured love into her every day, and at night I sang lullabies, and slowly, day by day she started to come out of her shell of fear and dread.

Today she is completely happy, plays like a puppy (although she is now 13 years old) loves people and animals, and except for some Saturday mornings when she continues to shake uncontrollably (we think something awful must have happened to her on Saturdays) she is ultra relaxed, calm, and playful and incredibly loving. She is the most intelligent, conscious, dog we've
ever had and every day we thank you for finding her and allowing us the gift of bringing her into our lives.

After eating every meal, she comes up to whoever made the meal and literally kisses that person on their hands. It's very clear she's saying  thank you! At night we put her on the couch between us and she immediately rolls over on her back and stretches out so we can rub her tummy for as long as possible. When we're done she kisses us both again on our hands
and is ready for bed.

It has been the most incredible joy to watch her become her full and whole self over these past years and we feel blessed to have been able to give her the love, safety, and life she so needed.

Thank you all,
Steve and Jane C
Oakland, CA

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