Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kipper fka Slicker Enjoying All Things Cairn

Here's an update from little Slicker who I was so worried about sending on the plane to Wyoming. I've been in touch with his new mom a few times, but I had to share this email because it really touched me.

Marge, MN

Hi Foster Mom! It's me, Kipper, I got a new home and a new name, but I'll always be your Slicker. My new Mom said I could write to you and let you know how I'm doing. I've been here 3 weeks can you believe it? I like it here! My new Mom took me out the other day and I just wanted to lay on the ground and let the sun soak into my bones. It was warm, Mom thought we were going for a walk but I just stopped by the car and sat down. Mom didn't try to make me move or nothing. Since it felt so good to sit in the sun I thought laying down would be even better. That's when Mom opened the back of the car and took a seat herself! We stayed out there an awful long time just soaking up the sun. She doesn't always let me do my own thing but that day she did! 

I get lots of treats. And I get people food once in awhile, but just a taste. I got something called chicken the other day. Boy, was that good! But then they also gave me something called a blueberry, I didn't like that and spit it out. Mom laughed and said that was the first thing I didn't want to eat. But I have liked all the dog treats I get. I got something the other day that was kind of hard and leathery and I could chew and chew and chew on it. It lasts a long time! Sometimes I get bored trying to eat it and I grab it and toss it up in the air and try to catch it. Then I run around the furniture at top speed until I'm out of breath. Mom even chased me the other day and I wasn't even scared! I like her running after me, it's fun! I'm lots faster than her, but she takes short cuts and then tickles me as I zoom past! It makes me run even faster. But I can't do that very long, I just get too out of breath and I start coughing. Mom says she worries about me coughing but that it's probably due to coming from a humid place to bone dry Wyoming. Mom said I'm going to go meet my new Doctor next week and she'll check me out to see why I'm coughing.

I got to go on a long walk at a big park today. I got to meet a Scottie cousin and a Portuguese Water dog and a big lovable mutt. I liked them all. I also got to meet some friends of Mom and Dad's today. I did really well but was a little scared 'cuz I didn't know why they were talking to me. I didn't want them to take me home since I like my new Mom and Dad so much. Dad used to scare me 'cuz he's so big and loud but he takes me out in the morning and feeds me breakfast and takes me out after dinner too. And he likes to feed me treats so since it makes him feel so good I let him. Dad was trying to teach me a new trick the other day. Something called "come" but I'm not quite sure yet what he wants me to do. I must have done it right a few times since he told me I was good and I got a treat but I don't know what I did, I just went up to him for a treat and got one? I don't know but I guess if he wants to give me a treat I'll let him. But I must admit, I like Mom the best. I like to sit next to her and I like it when she picks me up and hugs me. She snuggles into my neck and whispers nice words to me. She tells me I'm a really good boy! I must be since she smiles so much when she looks at me.

I've done really good lately and have gone OUTSIDE for poops and potties for 4 days straight. I've even had to hold it longer than I want since Mom still doesn't quiet get my signals yet but I've been so good! Mom told me if I can make 7 straight days then she will let me sleep on the bed at night! I can't wait! I've been jumping up there and checking out where I'll be sleeping soon. It's so comfy! Much roomier than my crate. I love rolling around on the quilt and pillows.

My new life is just so much better now! I can't believe my good luck. I not only got rescued from being a working boy but then I got to live with you and my foster siblings and learn about being a part of a family. I was scared and sad when I had to come out here with my new Mom and Dad but I'm ever so glad I did!

I want to thank you for loving me and teaching me things and helping me to be a good boy! Tell those other dogs I have my own family now and I have people who love me as much as you love them! I bet they'll be happy for me, I know I'm happy for me.

Love and licks,


  1. As Kipper's new aunt (that he hasn't met yet!) I'm so glad he got a new forever home too! His new mom and dad are awesome and he will have a wonderful life. Welcome to Wyoming Kipper and we'll meet soon. Maybe by then you'll want to meet your cousins, Jasper and Luca, too.
    Love, Aunt Leslie