Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kenyon's (aka Dude) New Family

New mom Monica P sent this update to foster dad Ron as Kenyon, now called Dude, meets his fursibs and the whole neighborhood. Willie is the Yorkie (11) ; Grace is the Westie (4 yrs). Dude is in the middle.

I knew if I were you, I couldn't wait to hear how he was doing. When I pulled up in my driveway, the first thing I did was take him for a walk. On the way he met some neighbors and was happy to meet them. Our destination was the vet to meet the ladies there, who were so happy to meet the new guy. He gave them happy kissses and they gave him a treat and hugs.

Then we got home to meet the new brother and sister, and it went excellent, (even with Willie "meister") we took a pack walk with relaxed leashes and met some more neighbors who petted them. I took a couple of pictures of us returning home from the walk and wanted to send them to you right away. Right now they are hot and tired. Dude is laying at my feet on is side sleeping with Grace laying next to him. King Willie is on his pillow.

I already love him so much and I can tell my fuzzles have accepted him like he was always here. They lined up and sat next to each.

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