Monday, August 27, 2012

Woody the Pool Guy

I thought I would let you know how your boy Zinger/Woody is doing.  He loves to chase the garden hose and attack it.  He also chases the pool cleaner.  The pool cleaner shoots water up when it gets stuck on the steps or sides.  He goes crazy barking and running around ready for attack when that happens.  Good exercise for him.

 I have been adding Fiber All (it is like Metamucil) to his dinner and pumpkin to his breakfast.  He doesn't poop much and still will not go in our yard.  He just goes when we are out walking twice a day.
He loves people and cries when he sees someone because he is so anxious to greet them with wagging tail and body.  He looks so cute when he does that.  He growls at dogs but not all dogs just the ones that get in his face or come running at him.
He knows each house where dogs live and he stops to listen and look, to see if they are out.  Most of the dogs are behind an invisible fence so he can't quite understand why they don't come running at him.  One sheltie barks in his house when he sees Woody and his owner has to let him out. 
Attached are pictures of Woody attacking the pool cleaner, Woody in a sweater my friend gave him, Woody on his favorite sleeping place and Woody looking into the pantry anticipating dinner.
He is on his flea and tick meds and heartworm meds.  I would not forget them after what he has been through.
He is a joy.  He noses me in the back of my leg when he comes into a room and I don't see him.  He 's very quiet except for barking at trash trucks and the pool cleaner.
I can't decide if he is happier as the only dog or if he would like a mate.  I know he doesn't like noise.  I will have to see how he does in school.

Thanks for taking good care of this sweet boy.  You saved his life.  I think he keeps looking for you...  


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