Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baxter Receives First 2012 Award

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After much deliberation and weighing of all things important (especially treats), at this prominent New York establishment, Baxter the Cairn has been awarded the title of:


This award recognizes Baxter for his tireless service in bravely staving off bands of roving marauders (and squirrels and shrews and other such vermin), repeatedly checking our waterfall for critters and for making sure that no one came and stole the fire from HIS fireplace.

Although employee of the month awards are usually awarded in the first week of a month, the purveyors of the establishment where he works were just too darned lazy to get around to it before now.

If he keeps up the good work he might just be honored again in the future. But he has to keep up the good work. And we have to not be so lazy.

Kathie - Long Island, NY
Baxter dah 1-dah dawg. (I kame pre-spoyld! I'z makin sur dey kepe up da tradishun n iz wurkin! I wuz Harree Hoodeenee n a prebeeus libe.)
Translation: Baxter, the one dog (I came prespoiled! I'm making sure they keep up the tradition and it's working! I was Harry Houdini in a previous life.

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